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Post by puppycheese123 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:49 pm

We have a different system of jobs/models. Everybody gets to choose from a large selection of the same player models for every class except law. They will have unique models. We will be adding much more models soon! Have a great day.


1. No Random Deathmatching (or RDM) is killing someone FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. It does not refer to killing someone to take their printers or other property, or killing someone who won't get out of your house, or killing someone for any other reason. 9 times out of 10, when someone shoots you, they have a reason ... just because YOU don't KNOW the reason does not make it RDM. Admins will generally kick/ban for RDM only if a person kills MULTIPLE people for no obvious reason. I hope this clears some things up.

2. No Car DeathMatching (or CDM) Whcih is running someone over with your car, this means you cannot run people over with your car. If they are in the street that is not your fault. ( Applies to hoverboards only)

3. NLR (New Life Rule) is active

4. Proplocking is allowed but your props must be accessable to raiders (Thats why we have Keypads)

5. No Corrupt Law Enforcement (ex. Cops,swat, mayor,)

6. Law enforcers may not HOLD PRINTERS.

7. This shouldn't need to be a rule but NO METAGAMING. This means you can't use something someone tells you in OOC to do something to them ingame (e.g. if someone says "omg my printers blew up" in OOC you cannot /wanted them for it, or run straight to where they are to grab their other printers). This is not limited to simply OOC chat, this applies to ANY source of information outside of normal RP (ventrilo, steam chat, etc). We consider PMs to be in-character, so you can act on information from a PM.

8. Do not flame OOC chat. If you have a disagreement, keep it to PMs or local chat.

9. NO MINGEBAGING- not referring to t-bagging dead bodies, do that all you want. Mingebaging is stuff like, prop pushing which is push people with props, prop killing which is killing people with props and no prop blocking which means blocking places with props. (on RP_Downtown people sometimes try to prop block the spawn because the spawn is in a tunnel. But they often get kicked)

10. DO YOUR JOB- this rule is very simple it just means that if you have a job do it properly. For example. If you are a gun dealer, you have to sell guns to people who want to, unless you have a good reason to not selling them guns, you can get demoted, which brings me to the next rule..

11. DON'T DEMOTE EVADE OR ARREST EVADE- this means you shouldn't try to escape being demoted (fired from your job and not able to play it again for a while) or escape being demoted. Some players try escaping demotion by changing to citizen then changing back after, but some custom servers detect this and if they do they demote you from playing the class you were before you changed to citizen even if no one voted yes.

12. Do not use HACKS such as aimbot, wallhacks or ESP.

13. Do not glitch.

14. Be nice to other players you never know when your going to need a friend.

15. If you own a public building such as a bar, restraunt, or any type of business which is supplied by your job type you may not use that business structure to Base in. Roleplay according to your job. Basically if you don't own the building yourself you can't base their and If you job supplies the building you cannot base their.

16. don't spawn props in other peoples houses or business's without them saying you can.

17. You may not base or live in a house you do not own.

18. You may not abuse your authority as a cop.

19. As a cop you may not taze shoot or arrest other cops or law enforcers.

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