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Gmod Server Re-opening

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Gmod Server Re-opening Empty Gmod Server Re-opening

Post by puppycheese123 on Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:50 pm

Server is now up and running!
Server is up and running at a new ip address and we have switched ownership. Everything is up and don't worry you didn't loose your cars or money (if it was in the bank.) Join our new server at

VIP will be on sale till march 28th instead of march 15th.

Server Features

  • Car dealer (perma cars, customization)
  • Cool Jobs (also VIP jobs)
  • Level exp printers
  • Activities to partake in such as chess, arcade games, slots, and stock market investing.
  • Economy system.
  • Grow weed and cook meth.
  • Defibrillator system (NLR ghosting as well)
  • Lots of awesome guns. 
  • Wiremod 
  • advanced dupe (vip only)
  • lots more! 

Join today and see what all the talk is about! 

Server ip-

We are now open!!!!

Gmod Server Re-opening 160g6g63g654
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