HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle bans/ban apeals

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HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle bans/ban apeals Empty HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle bans/ban apeals

Post by Crimsonblood on Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:38 am

Hello every one and welcome to the bans side of the forum. Please re-frame from spamming this and if you post a ban request without proper proof or format do not post it. It will be a waste of your time and my time if you do. If you WASTE MY TIME WITH MANY FALSE BAN REPORTS it will count against you if for some reason there's a situation where you are rules breaking  and there is proper proof against you. I WILL BAN YOU NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Then you will have to go through the ban appeal process which then you are wasting THE OWNERS TIME and MY TIME AGAIN. This will look poorly on your behalf so do not and I REPEAT DO NOT POST A BAN REQUEST UNLESS YOU HAVE PROPER PROOF WITH PROPER FORMAT.

By the way there are exceptions to this rule if you are new to forums I understand the case come onto team-speak 3 or add me on skype Crimsonblood_alec I can help you with your ban request if you have proper proof first.

One more thing, Ban appeals you must either post on the right topic of forums or verbalize it to me or owners on our server's team-speak 3 (
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