HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle abuse reports.

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HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle abuse reports. Empty HELLO I am Crimsonblood and I handle abuse reports.

Post by Crimsonblood on Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:13 am

First off read the rules. ONE MORE THING ANY ABUSE REPORTS ABOUT MY COWORKERS A.K.A ADMINS/MODS WHO are under my rank. YOU BETTER HAVE SOME GOOD EVIDENCE......Abuse reports about owner's abusing there powers. FIRST OFF A. they would not do that and B. THEY PAY TO KEEP THE SERVER UP.

I am very reasonable with many things and will not repent against people who are new to forums or first time posters in this section.(within reason don't get literal WITH ME.)

IF YOU WASTE MY TIME I WILL MAKE IT MY MISSION TO BAN YOU. Here are some examples: Posting a abuse report on our trusted staff WITHOUT PROPER PROOF THE THREAD WILL BE REMOVED and first time offenders will be forgiven. Second time it happens I WILL MAKE NOTE OF IT. THIRD TIME THE TEMP BANN HAMMER WILL COME DOWN UPON YOUR SOUL.  ANYTHING AFTER THAT YOU ARE SHOWING ME THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ON OUR SERVER and will result in A PERMANENT BAN.  If you have proper proof and wrong format I WILL GIVE YOU A WEEK TO FIX IT. If not fixed it will be NULL and Void BUT you will receive no punishment for something that has the PROPER PROOF needed you where just to lazy to go through and fix it.

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